This website describes how waste plastic can be transformed into Sustainable-Durable-Unique-Recycled products using appropriate technology to create employment in a developing world context.

The process we have developed was inspired by the need to dispose of waste plastic in areas where no formal waste management process exists.

What have we got?

We have developed an appropriate technology process which turns 15 plastic bags or CDs into a durable plant pot. Many forms of plastic can be used and the process is quick, cheap and adaptable to produce new products.

We have prototyped and developed a simple moulding machine which reliably produces 5 ½” recycled plastic plant pots. These have potential to be marketed in the UK as a unique and environmentally responsible product. We aim to set up fair trade arrangements with a number of developing world partners.

What do we need?

We would like to  work alongside fairtrade and development organisations to progress the product to market. We are engineers and feel we have developed a design which could really be of benefit to communities in the developing world. We are not experienced in the logistics of fairtrade partnerships or the import and marketing of fairtrade goods. We would like to work alongside organisations like yourselves to progress this and bring the product to market.

The only consumables used are around 5 pence worth of electricity (0.3kWh) and a small amount of cheap mould-release agent. The process also uses a small amount of water as a cooling fluid however this can be reused indefinitely.


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